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November, 2018 (Vol. 12, Issue 24)
The Unhealthy Holidays Are Upon Us: Here's the 5 Worst Things You Can Do

Another year winding down means another string of holidays to test our health will. The last two months of the year bring seemingly endless trips to visit relatives, malls and other hectic locales far from the comfort of your regular exercise and fitness routine. That's danger with a capital D when it comes to staying on track. Let's count down the top five unhealthy holiday behaviors that can undo your hard work from the previous 10 months.

Health by the Seasons

Get Ready to Weatherproof Your Body This Winter

Avoiding the "Big D"

How to Reduce Your Diabetes Risk Naturally

Take Health on the Road

5 Smart Substitutions When Eating Out

Pediatrics 101

Growing Up With Antibiotics = Growing Up With Asthma?

How to Keep Baby's Stress Levels Low

While research supports various physical health benefits for both mother and child, including a reduced risk of ear and respiratory infections, SIDS, allergies, obesity and diabetes, and a stronger immune system, the emotional / psychological benefits of breastfeeding are less understood ... until now.

Creatine: It's Not Just for Athletes Anymore!

Erase that image of only the 20-year-old, muscle-bound bodybuilder using creatine. Creatine, a staple of athletes for more than 50 years, is now being used by athletes and non-athletes alike to help slow normal age-related muscle loss, improve exercise recovery, increase strength, and live a more active lifestyle.

Seniors & Social Media Use: The Big Upside

We hear about social media every day, and it's often in a negative context –  including a constant need to check one's accounts, high levels of stress based on what one reads online, and constantly comparing one's life to those of others. But there's an upside to social media, particularly for seniors in pain.

3 Great Stretches After Your Workout

Here are three simple stretches you should add to your cooldown routine after every workout.

More Water = Fewer UTIs

Women can lower their risk of urinary tract infections by increasing daily water intake.