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December, 2017 (Vol. 11, Issue 25)
Worried About Your Kids' Screen Time? It's Bothering Them, Too

One of the greatest costs of the Digital Age, at least if you ask many parents, is the amount of time their children are immersed in potentially dangerous, distracting, mind-numbing "screen time." But don't think you're the only ones worried. So are kids - well, sort of. Here's another reason to limit your children's time and some great suggestions on how to do it.

It's Time to Show Yourself a Little Love

Overworked? Your Heart Can Feel It

Eat to Win

Is Your Teen Daughter Eating Enough, Especially If She's an Athlete?

Ready for the New Year?

5 Reasons Meditation Should Be Your New Year's Resolution

Close Your Eyes and Get Healthy

Rest Easy: 5 Ways to Get Better Sleep Tonight

The Problem With Surgery for Back Pain

If you've ever experienced back pain, there's an important fact you should know. Thousands of people undergo back surgery every year - even though research suggests surgery, particularly for chronic back pain (recurrent pain over weeks or months), often doesn't seem to work.

K2: Anti-Aging Nutrient

While aging as a whole is inevitable, some aspects of aging may actually be caused by a simple vitamin deficiency. That's right – wrinkles, stiff muscles and decreased athletic performance can all be symptoms of just one micronutrient deficiency: vitamin K2. Learn more about K2 and what it can do.

Give Diabetes a 1-2 Punch With Exercise

Type 1 and type 2 diabetes can both cause significant health problems, particularly if not addressed. But regardless of the type, exercise appears to be a key variable in reducing symptom severity and the devastating complications. Let's look at why exercise is so important.

Go Nuts About Protecting Your Heart

If you're nuts about nuts, you're in luck: besides tasting great, they're also a tasty way to help reduce your risk of heart disease.

Find Your Fountain of Youth

The truth is there is no magic pill or cream to prevent aging, but there's something that comes darn close: exercise.